How We Work

How We Work

About WiredPeople

WiredPeople Staffing

WiredPeople began in 2010 as an organization directed at solving staffing gaps. We saw the need for access to an experienced workforce. We developed a plan of action that would go beyond the scope of typical staffing agencies and provide innovative solutions for organizations to get the personnel they needed to achieve their objectives. With our experience in the Public Health, IT, and Cybersecurity industries, we delivered valuable results for our clients. 

WiredPeople Consulting Services

WiredPeople then evolved into a full-service consulting firm, developing and executing strategic projects with our clients in the IT, Cybersecurity, and Public Health fields. This progression came about when we realized our clients had expert needs that went beyond solely staffing issues. Our clients would run into obstacles that kept them from being able to accomplish their business objectives. With our experience in their industries, we proposed that we could provide solutions for them by applying innovation and strategy.

Through advising, strategic human resources, and consulting, our clients unlock the hidden capacity to increase their operational efficiency and potential for success. 

How We Help State Government Agencies

When talent procurement is limited by state personnel regulations, it can be difficult to meet your stated objectives. WiredPeople works with state agencies to provide flexible talent procurement strategies that ensure the agency is fully equipped to address the problems they set out to solve. Our ample experience with state agencies gives us insight into the challenges these agencies face. We approach each situation aware of the challenges that beset them and tailor solutions to fit their needs.